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Poggio Bertaio Crovello IGP 2006

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Winery Poggio Bertaio

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Poggio Bertaio Crovello IGP 2006

The wine: The second wine, second in time, not certainly for importance, is called “Crovello”, name that means “wine obtained by not-pressed, fermented grapes” in other words a way to indicate the choice wine, the highest peak of production quality.

Denomination: I.G.T. UMBRIA.

The blend: It is a mix of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot in variable percentages according to the quality of the grapes.

Refining: 24 months in French oak barriques new and 12 months inside the bottle.

Ageing potential: For over 15 years the wine can only improve by cellaring.

Organoleptic characteristics: The wine has an intense ruby ​​red color. In the nose smells of chocolate, ripe red fruits, berries. The taste is warm and balanced, with soft tannins and a long finish.

Composition of soils: Medium texture tend to clay

Vineyard: Exposed to the south, spurred cordon trained.

Altitude: 320m asl

Vinification: The harvest of the Merlot is made in mid-September, while the Cabernet and the Sangiovese grapes are harvested in mid-October. After the harvest, the grape stalks are removed, and the berries are put into barrels where they ferment for 22 days under controlled temperature. After the fermentation, we take only the juice and put it in barriques for about two years.

Food pairings: Grilled red meats, game, cheese, poultry and rabbit

Ideal serving temperature: 16-18°