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Jean Dumangin Brut Rosé Heritage Premier Cru

$ 55.00

Winery Jean Dumangin

Brut Rosé Héritage Premier Cru

Proprietaire Recoltant

Terroirs :

Grande Montagne de Reims : Chigny-les-Roses, Ludes, Rilly-la-Montagne, Taissy, Cormontreuil.
Average age of vines : 30 ans.

Vinification : 

2010 harvest.
Alcoholic and malolactic fermentation in heat-regulated stainless steel tanks.
Manual and traditional riddling of racks.


Pinot Noir (37%), Pinot Meunier (26%), Chardonnay (37%).
Red wine from old Pinot Noir vines : 14%.
52% reserve wines from 2008 and 2009 harvests.
3 years' aging.

Dosage : 

11 grams sugar per liter.

Bottles :

75 cl bottles

Awards :

Gold Medal Concours Mondial du Rosé 2015