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The city of Montefalco is in the heart of Umbria.   Montefalco is famous for the dark red grape variety of Sagrantino.  There is written evidence that there were vineyards in Montefalco in the year 1088.  Grapes were often grown promiscuously with vineyards growing along side or within other crops.   Orvieto was the preferred sweet white wine of the papistry in the Middle Ages.   Umbria is a region of hills, mountains, rivers and lakes with the entire area untouched by the sea.    

Sagrantino di Montefalco is the most age-worthy of the region's red wines.   Usually aged in a combination of large 1000 liter and smaller 225 liter French oak barrels for 24 months and then aged in bottle for another 12 months.  These wines are dark, brooding and powerful with well-structured tannins. 


Sunset at Bocale

June 04, 2016 by Cara Schwindt